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Adding a Beneficiary Designation is Quick and Easy

Naming Shelburne Farms as the beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy is a quick and easy strategy, entirely separate from your Will, that requires no lawyers or fees. All it takes is completing a change of beneficiary form. Learn more below.

How it Works

  1. You request a "change of beneficiary" form from your plan administrator.
  2. You complete the form naming Shelburne Farms as a full or partial beneficiary.
  3. You submit the form to the plan administrator and notify Shelburne Farms of the gift intention.


  • Simplicity - these estate planning strategies require little paperwork.
  • You decide who is to benefit and you may change your mind at any time.
  • Should you die without a Will, these tools will keep designated assets out of probate.
  • You enjoy the satisfaction of supporting what matters most to you.
Dieter Gump

Legacy Donor Story: Dieter Gump

"I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know Shelburne Farms,” recalls Dieter Gump, active outdoorsman and retired University of Vermont professor.

A few years ago, Dieter discovered of a Life Insurance policy that he had paid in full and no longer needed. He requested a “change of beneficiary form” from his plan administrator and named Shelburne Farms as beneficiary of the policy. Thus Dieter and his wife Valerie were able to fulfill their dream of making a legacy gift. No lawyers, no fees – it was that simple.

Estate Planning FAQs

An estate plan is a crucial aspect of your financial wellness. Having a plan ensures that your wishes are honored after you are gone and your loved ones and the organizations you care about are taken care of. Estate plans indicate who will pay your final expenses and who will receive your assets such as financial accounts, stocks, life insurance policies, personal property, and real estate. Plans generally consist of one or more documents such as a Will, Trust, and/or beneficiary designation forms.

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Another Way to Designate a Beneficiary of your Bank and Investment Accounts

You may also transfer assets directly to Shelburne Farms and heirs without going through probate by naming Shelburne Farms as a beneficiary via a Payable-On-Death (POD) form with your bank or, if assets are held in an investment account, by creating a Transferable on Death (TOD) deed with your brokerage firm. 

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A planned gift is one of the most meaningful ways you can show appreciation for Shelburne Farms and support our mission. Through careful gift planning, people often discover that they are able to have even greater impact than they had imagined possible. Learn more about the Shelburne Farms Legacy Circle

Questions? Contact Sue Dixon Special Gifts Coordinator, at or call 802-985-0322