Whether the topic is sustainable agriculture or sustainable forestry, or simply connecting to the world around us, Shelburne Farms makes learning real.

Our 1,400 acres of pastures, woodlands, gardens, and historic buildings are a unique campus for learning. The stature of its buildings and beauty of its landscape inspire that learning. Our working farm campus includes: 


On Site Partners

  • Beeken Parsons: These furniture-makers collaborate with us on "forest-to-furniture" themed programming, from field trips to adult workshops.
  • O-Bread Bakery collaborates with us to offer school field trips, camps, and farm-to-table programs
  • Outreach for Earth Stewardship offers wildlife-related programs with us. Its aviaries are located on the Farm.


Stewardship Partners

  • American Tree Farm System: They currently certify our sustainable woodlands management plan.
  • Heritage Landscapes has developed long-term management plans for some of the property's cultural resources, including the landscape and formal gardens.
  • Lake Champlain Land Trust: LCLT holds shoreline easements along Shelburne Farms, and we jointly offer programming on the natural history of Lake Champlain.
  • Preservation Trust of Vermont: PTV holds façade easements on several of our historic buildings.
  • Vermont Family Forests: We've been members since 1998 and continue to follow their strict sustainable forest management guidelines, although they've discontinued their certification program. 
  • Vermont Farm to Plate Network: We are proud sponsors and members of the Network. 
  • Vermont Fresh Network: As a member of VFN, we promote locally grown produce in our restaurant, and we collaborate on VFN's farm-to-table programs.
  • Vermont Land Trust: VLT holds agricultural easements on most of our prime ag land.