Regenerative agriculture. Sustainable agriculture. Ecological farming. By whatever name, the idea for us is the same:

We farm within complex, interconnected natural and human systems, so we farm with multiple goals in mind. We farm to produce nutritious food, maintain healthy soils and water, create robust and equitable local food systems, foster biodiversity, build climate resiliency, and achieve climate stability. We honor the land, the animals, and the people who tend to both.

We are constantly learning. For us and all who visit, our farm is our living classroom, and as we learn together, we are working to repair and transform all our relationships to farms and food.  

We know that food brings people together. By growing, serving, and sharing it, we build community with the land and with one another, making it possible for us all to move us toward a sustainable future.

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roasted carrots

Producing nutritious food for human health

Wherever we serve food, we start with what we make here: our cheddar, meats, vegetables, maple syrup, and more. We want to transform people’s relationships with the food they eat, so that their daily dietary decisions will contribute to healthy bodies, and sustainable food systems.


child digging in garden soil

Maintaining healthy soils and water

Nurturing soil biology is foundational to good farming and all life. To enrich this web of invisible life, we practice:

  • Rotational Grazing to build strong pasture grasses – above and below ground
  • Composting to add to soil fertility within a closed nutrient loop
  • Cover cropping to let soil rest
  • Crop rotation to help control diseases and pests and boost soil fertility
  • Minimum tillage to cause less disturbance to soil microbes
two women harvesting lettuce

Strengthening local food systems  

The food we grow and serve helps strengthen our local food system, and embodies how these systems can strengthen community economies, protect cultures, grow healthier bodies, and help people build better relationships with the land. Our education programs do that work, too. 

plate of cheese and crackers

Enjoy and Share our Products

Order our cheddar and maple syrup online, along with other delicious products from Vermont farms and producers. Live locally? Stop by our Farm Store!

a cow lying down in pasture

Caring for our cows

The care and comfort of our cows is a priority at our dairy, whether that means giving our cows healthy feed, freedom to move about, or careful treatment when sick. The Humane Certification of our cheddar recognizes the care our dairy staff gives to every cow in our herd. 

two cheesemakers in hairnets leaning over cheese vat stacking cheese curds

Crafting cheddar cheese

Our cheesemakers apply their skills and dedication to crafting the finest cheddar cheese from the raw milk of our Brown Swiss cows. 

spinach growing inside hoophouse

Growing organic vegetables and fruits

Organic gardening means tending to soil health as much as to plant, animal, and human health, and prioritizing future production as much as today’s. We’re proud that our Market Garden is certified organic by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont